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TCool – The Milk tank series
  • TCool – The Milk tank series

TCool – The Milk tank series

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Inside the GEA Farm Technologies TCool tank, your profits flow with the milk! Because an intelligent cooling and cleaning concept take into account every factor affecting the high-quality tank so that you can save at precisely where it counts. Invested capital costs, feed, personnel and operating costs: None of these costs pay off unless the milk has the right quality. But who is in charge for your valuable milk until it is picked up? You can rely on a cooling tank from GEA Farm Technologies: TCool combines optimal tank design, high-performance cooling units and superior cleaning technology. The Expert control unit monitors key factors, ensuring perfect hygiene and minimizing the operating costs. With this powerful concept there is only one winner: You. Due to the quality of the tank you can rely on receiving top value for your milk.
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