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E-Star Model "OE" Refrigeration Unit
  • E-Star Model "OE" Refrigeration Unit

E-Star Model "OE" Refrigeration Unit

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Mueller's E-Star Model "OE" refrigeration unit is specifically designed to handle the large temperature changes required to cool milk on the dairy farm. The E-Star Model "OE" utilizes a true refrigeration compressor (rather than an air-conditioning compressor) that has been adapted for dairy use. And since it's made for milk, the Model "OE" is an outstanding, energy-efficient refrigeration unit.

Features and Benefits

  • Copeland Scroll Compressor Design
    A refrigeration compressor designed to handle the large temperature changes required to cool milk. Scroll technology is more energy efficient and has less moving parts than reciprocating compressors.
  • Enhanced Evaporator Efficiency
    Ensures evaporator usage.
  • Enhanced Heat Transfer Surface
    Enlarged tube-and-fin condenser with rifled tubing results in greater refrigeration capacity and efficiency.
  • Longer Compressor Life
    Screw terminals versus push-on terminals, which provide positive electrical connections and reduces compressor failure.
  • Single, Variable-Speed Fan with High-Efficiency Motor
    Maintains an even air flow to increase capacity and efficiency of the compressor.
  • Greater Serviceability
    Electrical compartment located in the upper front portion of the unit permits easy access.
  • Alternate Refrigerants
    HiPerForm is available for use with conventional HCFC-22 or environmentally friendly HFC-507. Specify refrigerant type at the time of order.
  • Oil Sight Glass and Fill Port
    Allows refrigerant oil to be easily changed for future HFC refrigerant requirements.
  • Rust-Resistant Brass High- and Low-Side Valves
    Located in front of the unit for easy access without removing the cover.
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