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E-Star HiPerForm® Refrigeration Unit
  • E-Star HiPerForm® Refrigeration Unit

E-Star HiPerForm® Refrigeration Unit

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The proprietary technology of the E-Star HiPerForm refrigeration system makes it the most energy-efficient milk cooling system in the world. The HiPerForm features a proprietary subcooling valve designed to flood the entire milk cooler evaporator with subcooled liquid refrigerant. This process maximizes efficiency by utilizing the entire evaporator surface for cooling and eliminating the inefficient superheated vapor refrigerant found in conventional refrigeration systems.

Additionally, the HiPerForm refrigeration system enables the compressor to operate at significantly cooler temperatures for longer compressor life, less maintenance, less energy consumption, and incomparable refrigeration efficiency. The HiPerForm is the most cost-effective way to cool milk with a scroll refrigeration unit. The Mueller E-Star HiPerForm outperforms all other milk cooling units in terms of reliability, efficiency, and value.

Information is up-to-date: 21.06.2017

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